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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Clemensberg, Hochsauerland Germany

This post is long overdue, as some may know last three weeks, my friends and I went for a short hike around Hochsauerland near Winterberg, Germany. It was a spontaneous last minute plan. We started from Winterberg and followed along Rothaarsteig with Clemensberg (837m) as the main destination.

The red sign indicates the Rothaar route. This route stretches along Sauerland (154km) with few different routes to choose.

Wild berries sponsored by nature.

These routes are well established and there are signs at every junction, don't worry you won't get lost.


Few hours later, we arrived at Clemensberg. We were welcomed by the beautiful panorama overlooking Niedersfeld with the sun started to set. It was cloudy all day, and the weather was not promising but the sun decided to put on a show before saying goodbye for the day.

Self portrait

Here I am amazed by the beauty of nature and feeling accomplished for the hike.

Along the way, we came across this flat area covered with blooming Heather. Everywhere you see is purple.

Clemensberg, Hochsauerland Germany

Earlier plan was to park our tent and overnight near the river, but we could not find any river and the sun was already setting when we arrived at Clemensberg, so we set up our tent near Clemensberg instead. The night was cold but calm and clear with the moon shining bright above us. With my little knowledge of night photography, I tried to capture the night. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture the stars as the moon was too bright.

What a view to wake up to.

Morning Fog

Earlier in the morning, fog rolling in covering Niedersfeld in white. It was the best view to wake up to!

The squad. It was short and simple hike but it was a great experience to stay outside, appreciate and enjoy nature more. Looking forward for the next adventures!

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  1. Wahh.. for sure the awesome view there... love it.. enjoy the moment..