Silhoutte of sunrise

Had a choice of staying in bed or missed this amazing sunrise. Made a good decision 

Silhouette of sunrise by Azri Ayob on

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Top NRW Attractions

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North-Rhine Westphalia or commonly known as NRW is one of the biggest state in Germany. Last year I had the opportunity to explore a little bit of this region.  From historical and culturally rich city to beautiful panorama and landscapes, this region has a lot to offer than we may think. Many of these attractions are free and easy to access with public transports. Here are some of my top favourite spots and might as well considered as things to do when you visit NRW.

Clemensberg, Hochsauerland Germany

This post is long overdue, as some may know last three weeks, my friends and I went for a short hike around Hochsauerland near Winterberg, Germany. It was a spontaneous last minute plan. We started from Winterberg and followed along Rothaarsteig with Clemensberg (837m) as the main destination.

Summer evening light

It was a nice summer evening to just stay inside, so I decided to ride my bike along the river behind my house and explore a little bit. Then I came across a tree with beautiful light shining through it. I stopped to enjoy the beautiful view, took out my camera and tripod and shot some photos. Then I continued to search for fields near countryside because I always want to shoot some wheat and barley fields during sunset. I am a bit late, some of them are already harvested, but at least I managed to take some photos of the hay. Enjoy!

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