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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Our Adventures in the Alps (Germany, Italy, Switzerland)

It was a very short trip with a tight budget, we wish we could stay longer and explore more. I could say It was quite a spontaneous trip, it began with a small talk over a lunch, little did we know a week later we already packed our gears and things and ready to go. Before we finish our studies and going back for good we thought why not we take this opportunity to explore more of the Alps since we love natures #naturelovers. I had once visited Switzerland before but that doesn't leave a good impression on me, due to too little time and I was still figuring how all this travelling thing works, sadly I missed some of the best spot. (Sorry, It was my first time travelling!). However this time I can say it was 100x BETTER even though there are still more to see. Below are some of the pictures from the trip, which I think won't do justice to these amazing landscapes. You have to see it for yourself!


From Germany we rented a car in Duisburg and drove overnight heading South to Italy and Switzerland passed through Austria. The best thing about driving for yourself is you can stop anytime or anywhere you want. After around 7 hours of driving we arrived in Eibsee Lake the next morning just before sunrise. What a great way to start the trip, we were welcomed by these stunning views.

Calm and peaceful morning as the sun started to rise.

It was a bright sunny day with the colours of autumn started to burst around this clear blue mirror-ish reflected lake. In summer you can have a dip or row a boat/kanu in this lake. Sadly it was already closed for the season by the time we were there. However there are trails around the lake that you can take and you can enjoy the view from every corner of the lake. If you got more time you can also ride the cable car up to Zugspitze, which is known as the highest peak of Germany.

Zugspitze, 2962 m above sea level is known as the highest peak of Germany.


Autumn colors started to burst making the scene more colorful.

Nafek admiring the view of this beatiful lake Eibsee.

Later that day we proceed our journey to Dolomites area in Italy passed through Innsbruck Austria. To enter and use the highway in Austria you will need a vignette ( car sticker ) worth 8.7 EUR which valid for 10 days. You can buy this sticker at the petrol station on the highway near the border between Germany and Austria. The prices are higher for longer days validity.


Mountains by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Somewhere in Austria, on our way to Italy.

From Austria to Italy you will need to pay another 9 EUR if you passed through Brenner Pass. In Italy they use toll system on their highway just like in our home country, Malaysia. Around 6 PM we arrived in Corvara Italy. We weren't lucky enough with the weather, the clouds was too thick we couldn't see the famous peak plus the sun was about to set.

Santa Magdalena by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
It was about to rain, the clouds covering the famous peak in the background.

Ranui by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Santa Magdalena, small church in the mountains.

Amazing view, isn't it?

The sun began to set and it slowly getting dark. We continue driving to find a spot to sleep for the night. After a few minutes of searching, we found this cool spot to stay for the night as it getting darker. Under the stars surrounded by wooded hills, the tents were parked and we slept like a baby that night looking forward for the next day. 

Cool spot for camping.

Early the next morning we explored a little bit of the area before continue our journey to Milan. Fogs are rolling in and out of the mountains, what a nice view to wake up to!

Old cabin in the mountains. by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Cabin in the mountains with a nice view in the background.

Roaming around the campsite before continuing the journey again.

Foggy Trees by Azri Ayob on 500px.com

Cows on a hillside by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
These cows surely has seen amazing views everyday of their lives.

Dolomites, Italy by Azri Ayob on 500px.com

On our way to Switzerland we make a quick stop in Milan since it is on our route, besides to find internet and some food . When in Italy try their pizza, its delicious!
Milano at night by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Duomo di Milano at night.


Next destination, Switzerland! In Switzerland you need to pay around 40 EUR to use their highway which valid for a year! (There's no option for shorter period )We managed to stop for a few locations before heading back to Germany. Switzerland is beautiful, I'm lost for words. Let the pictures speak for itself.

Sexy road by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Difficult road often leads to beautiful destinations.

In the Mountain by Azri Ayob on 500px.com

Amazing Light by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
The light decided to put on a show. Ahmaaazinngg!

Inviting Road by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Arrived in Moiry lake.

Mountain by Azri Ayob on 500px.com

Jump for joy! by Azri Ayob on 500px.com

Little wanderer by Azri Ayob on 500px.com
Adah taking it all in the amazing view from Moiry Glacier.

What better way to explore the Alps than drive for yourself and be close to nature? I'm glad we did. The moments will be cherish forever. Every seconds we were greeted by beautiful mountain views on our sides. Everywhere we look is a photo opportunity. I kept pinching myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming. Honestly I lost counts of times (which is a lot) we stopped for pictures. I guess we all agreed it was an amazing trip and cannot wait to plan for the next adventures. See you on next adventure!